What is the date and (boarding)time?

Behind Central Station

Where can i park?

By Bike

Behind Central Station you will find several places for your bike

By Car

Parking garages

1. Oosterdokstraat 150, 1011 DK Amsterdam

2. Piet Heinkade 59, 1019 GM Amsterdam

What is the minimum age?

18+ and there can be an ID-check
How to identify myself?

Passport or an ID-card. No copies allowed
Are lockers available?

Can i buy cigarettes?

Nope! but we strongly advice you to visit this site
Is there an ATM?

Yes, but we advice to bring enough cash. There are ATM´s at Central Station
I ´ve lost something

We´re sorry to hear that! Please send us an e-mail to info@nachtvaren.com
Is the venue accessible for disabled guests?

Nope! Because of the many stairs and narrow aisles we can´t provide this


I have a problem with my ticket

Please visit Support
Where can i buy tickets?
Should i print my ticket?

We accept printed and mobile tickets (100% brightness)
Will there be a ticket sale at the door?

Normally not. Follow our Facebookpage to stay up to date
Where should i sell my tickets?

We strongly advice you to sell your ticket at Ticketswap


Is there a drugs policy?

Yes, hard drugs are not allowed
Hash/weed is allowed with a maximum of 5 grams and no pre-made joints
Can i bring my medicines?
Only with a prescription. Please send us an e-mail in advance to info@nachtvaren.com
Where can i smoke?

Outside, at the back of the first floor
Can i bring my own food or drinks?

What is not allowed to bring to the venue?

No weapons
No dangerous or sharp objects
No fireworks
No bottles (deodorant/drinks)
No refillholders
No (promotional) stickers or flyers

Can i bring my (video)camera or audiorecorder?

Normal (video)camera´s are fine, but professional gear is not allowed
Audiorecorders are not allowed either
send us an e-mail to info@nachtvaren.com for more information.

Green Power

How green is Nachtvaren?
    • Nachtvaren.com is running on green energy
    • We use PLA Cups (100% Compostable)
    • 75% of our decoration consists of recycled materials
    • We provide all of our waste to other organizations (unused drinks, cups and more)
    • Our boat sails at consequent speed to reduce fuel loss
    • The Night Captain never stays too long ashore (to avoid fuel accumulation)

Tips? send us an e-mail to green@nachtvaren.com